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Testware estimation

We estimate the effort for certification/UAT testing and expected quality.

What is it?

When, in addition to the estimation of the project development that we have delivered , you want to know the total effort including the part related to the testware, we proceed to determine it.

With the testware estimation you will get the necessary effort to be used both for the certification tests and for the UAT (User Acceptance Test).

Together with the Testware estimation we will also deliver the expected quality, that is, the number of defects that you should detect during the tests. This value will help you to identify if the proper tests are being performed or not, thus avoiding finding defects too late and increasing the cost of development.

What do we need?

  • Technical information of the project: Browsers and devices to be supported (tablet, smartphones)
  • Technical data of the test scenarios, such as the level of detail (number of checks).

What are we delivering?

  • Access to Quanter with the detailed detail of the estimate made, where you can see how it was done. Find out  more about Quanter.
  • Section within the PDF report including the effort needed for the tests, expected quality and the detail of both values.


As it is a complement to the e-Solution estimate, its cost will be included in the price of the e-Solution.

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